Renewable energy is growing rapidly, with record numbers of new wind and solar installations coming online in Europe over the past few years. Within the next 25 years in Europe, at least 40 percent of our electricity will be produced by renewable energy sources. Therefore, it will be a wise investment to improve the existing electricity system by utilising existing technologies and making smart policy decisions for a clean energy future.

Energy and Resources is an introductory course to energy, reserves and resources which covers the social, economical, environmental and technological background of renewable energy generation. Also, a comprehensive comparison with world oil and gas reserves and a first contact with the PRMS system will take place. Subjects such as: Energy consumption, GHG emission, renewable energy technologies (wind, solar, biomass, bio-fuel, geothermal, hydropower, wave, tidal current, hydrogen fuel cells) will be discussed. The goal of the course is to review the technological potential of renewable energy. At the end of the course the students will learn: How to reduce air pollution, how to decrease the dependence on coal, fossil fuels and nuclear, how to start, design and build a renewable energy system.


  • Energy
  • Reserves and resources
  • World O&G reserves and resources
  • PRMS
  • Energy consumption
  • GHG emission
  • Renewable energy technologies