Laboratorial courses on Silicon vs Organic PVs

I3SE 2023

International Summer School on
Photovoltaic Systems and
Emerging Technologies

From mainstream silicon to disruptive organics/perovskites technologies

3 - 12 July 2023, International Hellenic University, Kavala, Greece
ECTS Units: 7

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I am happy to welcome you to the official website of the International Summer School on Photovoltaic Systems and Emerging Technologies.

The Programme is organized by the International Hellenic University (IHU) - Kavala Campus, CEA laboratories in INES (French national solar institute), and HEI - Grand Ecole d' Ingenieur Generaliste, Universitè Catholique de Lille. The Programme is also aided by IHU - Kavala Campus Erasmus+ Office and is held in the facilities of the International Hellenic University in Kavala, Greece.

Join us and get the opportunity to enrich your resume by attending a high quality training course, as well as to have a great time in the beautiful city of Kavala.

Prof. Eleni Apostolidou, PhD
Programme Director
Laboratory of Alternative Energy Sources


This summerschool was an amazing experience! I believe that the knowledge and information that came from the lectures will help me in my future career. But of greater importance was getting to know the whole group, going out and making friends from different countries and having so much laughter and such great conversations. The teachers were really helpful too!
Giorgos Eleftheriadis

My first year in the ISSOPVS was in 2016 and was really a great experience. I had the opportunity to attend classes in specialized fields of photovoltaics, such as organic. Theoretical knowledge was supplemented with field trips and lecturers were experienced scientists from all around the world.
I also had the opportunity to attend, along with foreign bachelor and master students, as well as big company CEO and share ideas, discuss and exchange experiences.
This summer school gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge horizons and gave me unforgettable memories.
Antonis Polyxroniadis



International Hellenic University - Kavala Campus
Agios Loukas, 65404, Kavala, Greece

Join our Programme in IHU facilities and get to know the beautiful city of Kavala and its surroundings, on the northern coast of Greece.

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